Brazing Fluxes

Fluxes make an INVALUABLE contribution to the success of a brazed joint.

Product Working Range ÂșC Remarks
Easy-flo Flux (powder) 550-800 A general purpose flux with good fluxing activity and long life at temperature. The powder has good hot-rodding characteristics.Residues are generally soluble in hot water.
Easy-flo Flux (paste) 500-825 A paste preparation of controlled viscosity, ensuring economic and efficient performance.Residues are generally soluble in hot water.
Easy-flo Flux Dipping Grade 550-750 A highly active and fluid flux which exhibits a minimum of bubbling, making it ideal for induction brazing. This paste is formulated to give a thin, stable consistency suitable for dipping. Residues are generally soluble in hot water. Where difficulty is encountered, in 10% caustic soda is suggested.
Easy-flo Flux Stainless steel Grade 550-750 More active than Easy-flo Flux. Recommended for use on stainless steel with the lower melting brazing alloys.
Easy-flo Flux Aluminium Bronze Grade 550-800 Similar to Easy-flo Flux but modified for use on alloys containing up to 10% aluminium. When finished components are heavily oxidised, cleaning and flux removal may be accomplished by the
use of 10% sulphuric acid.
Tenacity Flux No.6 550-800 An opaque flux due to the addition of elemental boron. Recommended for tungsten carbide, refractory metals and stainless steel.
Tenacity Flux No.5 600-900 Recommended for stainless steel and heavy assemblies, where flux exhaustion is likely to occur due to prolonged heating.
Tenacity Flux No.5A 600-900 A variation of Tenacity No.5 for use on materials rich in chromium carbide and sintered powder metal compacts containing chromium carbide, titanium carbide and tantalum carbide.
Tenacity Flux No.125 700-1200 A general-purpose high temperature flux for use with Probraze bronze alloys.
Tenacity Flux No.10 1000-1300 Developed for high-temperature applications such as the brazing of rock drills.
Tenacity 300 800-1050 A high temperature flux for longer heating cycles with Probraze bronze alloys.
Tenacity 600 800-1050 A high temperature low bulking flux well suited to induction brazing with Probraze bronze alloys.
Alubraze Aluminium Brazing Flux 420 – 480 Use with Probraze’s Alubraze. A low temperature brazing alloy used to join aluminium to aluminium and copper to aluminiun.
Afrox M15 Bronze Brazing Flux Powder 700-1200 Use with Afrox M15 Rods.
Afrox Aluminium Brazing Flux 575-585 Use with Afrox TIG 4047 aluminium brazing alloys.
Gas Flux - Trimethyl borate azeo B(OCH3)3/CH3OH