General Purpose Silver Brazing Alloys

Cadmium Free

If brazing in air flux is required. Note, the melting range of the alloy must match the active range of the flux. The flux should be active before the alloy melts.

The Probraze Silver-flo range of cadmium free alloys represents the ultimate safety precaution against cadmium fume. Cadmium content is controlled to a maximum of 0.010 %and the use of these alloys is highly recommended for brazing components in food manufacturing equipment

Product Normal Composition Melting Range ÂșC Tensile strength Mpa Optimum joint gap EN1044 of1999 (replaces BS 1845 of 1984) ; DIN 8513 of 1986 Remarks
Silver-flo 60 Ag:60 Cu:26 Zn:14 695-730 420 0.05-0.2 AG 202 (AG13) ; L-Ag60 Silver-flo 60 is recommended where freedom from stress cannot be guarenteed. The relatively low zinc content and high brazing temperature make it less likely to initiate stress cracking.
Silver-flo 55 Ag:55 Cu:21 Zn:22 Sn:2 630-660 390 0.05-0.15 AG 103 (AG14) ; L-Ag55Sn Silver-flo 55 represents the lowest melting point alloy in the group. Cadmium free substitute for Easy-flo No. 1.
Silver-flo 452 Ag:45 Cu:27.75 Zn:25 Sn:2.25 640-680 420 0.05-0.15 L-Ag45:Sn Silver-flo 452 is a free flowing alloy containing tin;recommended where the presence of silicon is not desirable.
Silver-flo 40 Ag:40 Cu:30 Zn:28 Sn:2 650-710 450 0.075-0.20 AG 105 (AG20) ; L-Ag40:Sn Silver-flo 40 is a general purpose alloy with a wide plastic range. An economical alloy that offers a combination of good alloy flow and ability to fill joint gaps that cannot be tightly controlled. Suitable for hand feeding and mechanised brazing, provided rapid heat can be achieved. Suitable for use on most common engineering materials.
Silver-flo 302 Ag:30 Cu:36 Zn:32 Sn:2 665-755 460 0.075-0.20 AG 107 (AG21) The tin content in Silver-flo 302 allows it to flow easier than Silver-flo 30. The long melting range of Silver-flo 302 makes it ideal for applications where fillets are required or close tolerance joint gaps cannot be maintained. It is extensively used for brazing pipe work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries, often in the form of flux coated rods.
Silver-flo 30 Ag:30 Cu:38 Zn:32 695-770 505 0.075-0.20 AG 204
Silver-flo 25 Ag:25 Cu:41 Zn:34 700-800 420 0.075-0.20 L-Ag25
Silver-flo 25N Ag:25 Cu:40 Zn:34 Mn:1 670-730 470 0.075-0.20 Silver-flo 25N was specifically designed for the refrigeration industry to braze Zinc coated steel tubing. Silver-flo 25N dramatically reduces the risk of cracking of the brazed tubes.
Silver-flo 24 Ag:24 Cu:43 Zn:33 670-730 470 0.075-0.20 Alloys with less than 25% silver are widely used on copper and steel. They give a good colour match on brass but require close temperature control due to their high melting temperature. Provided the heating time is short (induction heating) Silverflo 25 and 24 can often be used with a low temperature flux (Easy-flo paste) to simplify flux removal.
Silver-flo 18 Ag:18 Cu:45.75 Zn:36 Sn:0.25 785-815 470 0.075-0.20 Unlike the cadmium-bearing range, this group contains low silver content alloys such as Silver-flo 24, 18 and 12, with relatively short melting ranges, which make them ideal for step brazing.