Specialised Brazing Alloys

Silver Brazing Alloys

Product Normal Composition Melting Range ºC Tensile Strength Mpa EN1044 of 1999 (replaces BS1845 of 1984); DIN 8513 of 1986 Remarks
Argo-braze 56 56%Ag: Cu:In:Ni 600-711 0.1-0.20 AG 403 ; L-Ag56In:Ni Brazing Stainless Steel in wet conditions. Argo-braze 56 is known to be resistant to interfacial corrosion under most conditions irrespective of the grade of stainless steel used. Argo-braze 56 does not contain zinc and is hence resistant to dezincification. Be aware of interfacial crevice corrosion ( failure along the stainless steel- brazing alloy interface). On small components Easy-flo Stainless Steel grade flux is recommended.
Silver-flo 55 Ag:55 Cu:21 Zn:22 Sn:2 630-660 0.05-0.15 AG 103 (AG 14); L-Ag55Sn Pricipally used for brazing assemblies which will be exposed to sea water (cadmium-free alternative to Easy-flo 1 and Easy-flo 3 which are also suitable for marine services).
Silver-copper eutectic 1Ag:72 Cu:28 778-778 AG 7; L-Ag72 Ideal for flux-less brazing of copper, nickel and metalised ceramics in a reduced atmosphere. For all other brazing methods flux is required.

Aluminium Brazing Alloys

Product Normal Composition Melting Range ºC Tensile Strength Mpa EN 1774 Remarks
Alubraze Al:4 Zn:96 385-402 283 ZnAl4 A low temperature brazing alloy for joining aluminium to aluminium and copper to aluminium. Suitable for manual flame and induction. Also available in a cessium based flux coated rod.