Brazing Alloys for Tungsten Carbide

Designed for high temperature brazing of tungsten carbide. Please consult our sales engineer for further details.

Product Normal Composition Melting Range ºC Comments
F-Bronze 57.5% Cu:Zn:Mn:Co 890-930 Recommended for brazing cemented carbide into rock drills and similar percussively loaded joints. The group offers a range of brazing characteristics to match different material and heat-treatment requirements. ‘F’ Bronze is

covered by S.A. Patent 75/0487.

D-Bronze 86% Cu:Zn:Co 980-1030 Recommended for brazing cemented carbide into rockdrills and similar percussively loaded joints. For brazing in air use Tenacity 125 flux.
DB Alloy 48%Cu: Zn: Ni 920-935 Low cost alloy ideal for use on tubular steel, furniture and display racks. The alloys high strength makes it particularly suitable for butt joints. Also used as an infiltrant in the manufacture of rock drills. DB Alloy also work-hardens and is used for re-building of gear teeth.
DB 2 Alloy 45%Cu: Zn: Ni: Fe: Ag 880-960 For infiltration brazing in diamond core drills.
HT Bronze 55%Cu:Zn:Mn:Ni:Si 880-920 Suitable for applications involving moderately elevated service temperatures. Produces high strength joints on ferrous materials and cemented carbides. Primarily used for joining tungsten carbide to steel. Brazing is often combined with heat treatment.
Easy-flo 1 50%Ag: Cu:Zn:Cd 620-630 General purpose cadmium bearing alloy with excellent mechanical properties.
Easy-flo 2 42%Ag: Cu:Zn:Cd 608-617
Easy-flo 3 50%Ag: Cu:Zn:Cd:Ni 634-656 Preferred Cadmium bearing alloy for joining tungsten carbide.
Argo-braze 49 H 40%Ag: Cu:Zn:Ni:Mn 680-705 Cadmium free alternative to Easy-flo 3. Presence of Manganese enhances wetting on difficult carbides.

When brazing with the Bronzes, Tenacity 125,300 or 500 are recommended, with Tenacity 125 being the general purpose flux. Use Easy-flo flux with Easy-flo 1,2 and 3 alloys. When brazing with Argo-braze 49H, the flux is dependent on the application. Please consult Probraze Metals for your specific application.

Custom Bronzes are available