Technical Support and training

The company offers technical support on specific material applications, joint design, fault identification and metallurgical problems in metal joining applications. We also offer customized training in successful brazing techniques. Our technical advice, training  and technical support is what truly separates us from other suppliers importing product.


Flux Selection

Fluxes are not designed or intended for the primary removal of oxides, coatings, oil, grease, dirt or other foreign materials from the parts to be brazed. All parts must be subjected to appropriate cleaning operations prior to brazing.

Health and Safety

Brazing is a reliable, simple and safe method of joining metal components. However, brazing alloys and fluxes contain elements, which, if overheated, produce fumes, which may be harmful or dangerous to health.

Tips for Successful Brazing

It is easy to produce successful, leak-tight, high strength brazed joints if six simple steps are considered in the design and manufacture of the joints.