We manufacture the biggest selection of brazing alloys in Africa. Brazing alloys containing varying percentages of silver are manufactured in the form of strip, wire, rod, foil, rings, discs, washers and special inserts. We recently modified two bolt making cold header machines to ensure large volume high quality disc production.

Cadmium Free

General Purpose brazing alloys. The ultimate safety precaution against Cadmium fume. Flux is required if brazing in air.

Cadmium Bearing

General Purpose Silver Brazing Alloys. Used in a well ventilated, safe environment can offer excellent cost savings.

Phosphorus Bearing

General Purpose Silver Brazing Alloys. Braze copper to copper without flux. Can braze brass and bronze but Easy-flo flux is required (don’t use on alloys containing Nickel and Iron)

Tungsten Carbide

Brazing Alloys for Tungsten Carbide

High Temperature Copper Base

Brazing Alloys for High Temperature Brazing. In excess of 880°C

Specialised Brazing Alloys

For brazing stainless steel in wet conditions, exposure to sea water. Brazing Nickel and Metalised ceramics

Flux Coated Brazing Alloys

Brazing Fluxes

Fluxes make an INVALUABLE contribution to the success of a brazed joint.


For brazing Aluminium to aluminium or copper to aluminium